Idilia Consulting - Competitive Advantage through Innovation

About Us

We help set and implement competitive strategies to improve business performance and create value by driving productivity and sustainable growth while preparing for the future.

Top Performance

Our Principles

Our Principles

Our Mission

We help our clients drive performance and sustainable growth.

Our Purpose

We help drive sustainable growth.

Our Values

  • We put our clients first.

  • We act with integrity.

  • We deliver added value.

  • We enable to learn and grow.

  • We respect, care, and collaborate.

We guide clients through our journey to deliver top performance and sustainable growth while building capabilities for competitive advantage.

Our Approach

Our Approach

To obtain sustained competitive advantage through innovation.

Our Journey

To deliver inspiring, purposeful, and actionable competitive strategies to drive business performance and profitable growth through an innovation process based on design thinking, which is an agile human-centered approach that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.

Our Services

Our Team

We guide clients through our journey while preparing for the future.

Our Key Deliverables

  • Actionable Competitive Strategies.
  • Innovation and change portfolios.
  • Top Performance.
  • Sustainable Growth.
  • Fit for the Future:
    • Improved Business Processes.
    • Enhanced Corporate Structure.
    • Learning & Growth Culture.
    • Superior Leadership Capabilities.

Our Team

Our Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem

Our team is agile and lean consisting of an ecosystem of professionals with practical and firsthand international experience at senior levels in various disciplines and industries. This enables us to cross-fertilize good practices from one area to another and to ensure cost-effective and high-quality services to navigate leaders of all levels in the organization through innovation and change while becoming better leaders at building capabilities for competitive advantage.

Our Key Competencies include Strategy, Leadership, Capability Building, Innovation, Transformation, Performance Management, Value Creation, and Sustainable Growth.

Industries We Serve


The industries we served in the past two decades range from technology start-ups to blue chip consumer goods and retail multinationals. We gained experience in: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Assembly, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Energy & Environment, Industrials & Electronics, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Public Sector, Retail, Telecommunications, and Transportation & Logistics.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

We occupied senior management positions in various operational and strategic disciplines and developed capabilities in: Capability and Talent Development, Communication, Digital, Finance, Innovation & Transformation, Insights & Trends, Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Performance Management, Risk Management, Strategy & Business Planning, Sustainable Growth, and Value Creation.