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1. Activate

1. Activate

Sets inspiring, purposeful, and actionable competitive strategies that drive performance and sustainable growth.

Activate Services | Idilia Consulting


The Building Block Service 1. Activate guides clients in an agile way through our journey to set inspiring, purposeful, and actionable competitive strategies that drive performance and sustainable growth.

1. Activate Deliverables

  • Strategic Goals and Objectives.

  • Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values.
  • Shared Vision and Aligned Objectives.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Health Check and Deficiencies.
  • Market Insights and Trends.
  • Actionable Competitive Strategies.

2. Innovate Deliverables (draft)

  • Capability Development Plans.
  • Ecosystem Development Plans.
  • Talent Management Plans.
  • Risk Management Plans / Scenarios.
  • Business Strategy Mapping.
  • Profitable Growth Plans.
  • Innovation and Change Portfolios.

3. Cultivate Deliverables (draft)

  • Concepts / Value Creation Plans.
  • Communication Plans.
  • Operational and Functional Plans.
  • Corporate Alignment.
  • Sustainable Growth Awareness.
  • Performance Improvement.
  • Profitable Growth.

Detailed Program Description

We guide clients through our journey in an agile way to deliver inspiring, purposeful, and actionable competitive strategies to drive performance and sustainable growth. We will achieve this by an intensive six-week long agile program that includes all bundled building block activities (not to be confused with the services) denoted by their number 1, 2 or 3 at the bottom row in the above figure. After four weeks, we evaluate the draft innovation and change portfolios on their technological feasibility, business viability and ability to deliver desirable products (goods and services) or engaging change measures and meet the performance and growth targets. In the last two weeks, the competitive strategies are redefined to become inspiring and purposeful through effective communication, and actionable by setting ambitious but realistic performance and growth targets.

Duration and Support

The program lasts approximately 6 weeks and requires 240 hours (100%) of our support to maintain focus, sense of urgency and momentum. Selected leaders will need to spend 240 hours of their time to set actionable competitive strategies while building on the firm's capabilities for competitive advantage.


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